100% computer-based scoring
PTEPLUS is the world’s first 100% machine auto-scoring practice platform, aligned to the official PTE Academic score guide. Receive scores and evaluations as you would expect from a machine, and Learn how to maximise your performance!

Clearer direction on how to prepare for PTE
With scoring for every module, every question, and every criterion within each question, you can clearly identify your areas for improvement and earn those golden points you are missing!

Tailored PTE preparation tools
The PTEPLUS Mock Exam and the PTEPLUS Online Practice are tailored to provide you with holistic preparation for PTE – so you can become as prepared as you can for the real thing!

Your PTE preparation tools

Comprehensive score report

Online Practice

Unlimited access to thousands of questions, targeted practice in any PTE Academic Test question type, 100% machine-based scoring, and score analyses for every module, every question type, and every criterion in every question that you practise!


Mock Exam

This online mock exam comes with 100% machine-based scoring aligned with the PTE Academic Official Score Guide. Within 24 hours, receive your Comprehensive Score Report that provides performance analyses just like you would from the actual PTE Academic Exam, and MORE!

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Receive advice on what you should look out for and further techniques on how to improve from our professional partner coaches within Online Practice

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These are the most efficient for you to practise so you achieve the greatest score uplift!
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These are the enabling skills you need to work on the most in each of your top 3 question type - Also view Tips!

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