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PTE Sample Mock Exam

Your best and closest experience to the real PTE exam

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Those that live in remote areas once faced a greater degree of difficulty when it came to access educational opportunities, but technological advances have made a huge change in this regard. Learning alone is common enough, but having support and the chance to really test your learning against the standard that is expected is crucial if one is to hope to succeed. This holds true for the PTE academic exam, and so those that are preparing to undertake this potentially life-changing test will need access to PTE sample mock exam questions no matter where they live or study.

The Most Accurate PTE Sample Mock Exams Online

Here at PTEPLUS, we make the dream of engaging in a learning environment that is designed to meet your hopes and goals a distinct possibility. We appreciate that there are countless students all around the globe whose efforts to learn English are continually hampered by poorly structured programs, or indeed, a lack of availability. As such, through our intuitive and up-to-date platform, students from all walks of life and with all levels of ability can engage with PTE learning materials that will boost their capabilities and deepen their command of the language.

Taking a PTE mock exam on our platform will show you where there is room to improve and where your strengths already lie. What’s more, you will quickly find out what works, what doesn’t and as a result, your path to success will be much smoother.

Prepare for PTE with Our Sample Mock Exams

At PTEPLUS, we know that for most students, sitting down with a pen and paper is the most normal way that they engage with their studies. However, it is worth keeping in mind that when it comes to the PTE academic test, your aptitudes will not be based solely on your writing abilities, but also in terms of how capable you are with regards to reading, listening and speaking as well.

A PTE exam sample must, therefore, give you a true sense of what will be expected on the day. This is where our platform separates itself from the pack and gives a much greater level of value. We know that you will be faced with a computer when the day comes to take your test, and so, throughout portal, you can practice the test, engaging with exam-like questions and gain a greater sense of what the process will be like on the day.

A pen and paper are fine to a point, but you must be prepared for the environment that will face you on the day. As such, our fully simulated online and timed environment puts you in the mindset that is required and the more that you practice, the more comfortable you can hope to become as your knowledge and skill level develops.

We understand the need for constructive progress toward the goal you set, and so we continually assess and measure how you are doing against your goal. This enables you to tap into feedback that is designed to focus your energies and efforts where they are needed so that the time you invest in studying reaps many more rewards.

PTE Sample Mock Exams at Your Fingertips

Taking a PTE mock exam online is just one of the many conveniences that you will benefit from here at PTEPLUS. You can sign up for free to the site right now and start to gain a real sense of what we have to offer and how you can improve your approach to taking the exam.

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Scored PTE Mock Exam

  • • Fully-online PTE mock test under timed environment
  • • Aligned quality and expected difficulty of PTE Academic exam questions
  • • 100% machine-scoring aligned with the official PTE Academic Score Guide

Expert advice
Comprehensive score report

  • • PTE Mock exam performance overall score
  • • Skills Profile - Communicative and Enabling Skills breakdown
  • • Additional question types deep-dive analyses

Question level feedback

  • • View your machine-scores for every question, in every criterion
  • • Voice transcription and pronunciation detection
  • • Grammar checking and suggestions
  • • PTE sample solutions and recordings for every question

Expert advice
Personal support

  • • Request for expert PTE teacher feedback on individual questions anytime, anywhere
  • • Pinpoint your every improvement point in each question
  • • Receive precise guidance to most effectively accelerate your performance

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