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PTE Customisable practice
Machine auto-marking

100% machine-scoring and feedback

  • Receive machine-scoring for EVERY PTE module, question type, and criterion
  • Voice transcription and pronunciation detection
  • Grammar checking and suggestions
  • Sample answers and recordings for every question

Machine auto-marking
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  • Your Skills Profile calculated dynamically based on all your practices
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Skill Profile
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PTE Online Practice Options

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  • Limited question bank – 2 to 6 sample questions provided per PTE question type
    Sample answers and recordings to
    Automated machine-scoring access – limited to the first question in each practice set

Teacher Feedback

Users can request for a teacher’s feedback on the following question types – different question types require different amounts of credits, as shown below.
Our teachers will always serve to provide you with most helpful feedback; if you're unstisfied, feedback will be reviewed and re-provided!
Question Type Type of Feedback Credits required
RA / RS / DI / RL / ASQ 3 - 5 minutes of verbal teacher support as well as written feedback 50 credits
SST Within 100 word written feedback (focussed on grammar and vocabulary) 50 credits
SWT 100 - 200 worded written feedback (focussed on grammar and vocabulary) 50 credits
Essay 100 - 200 worded written feedback (focussed on grammar and vocabulary) 100 credits
*AUD$1 = 10 credtis