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The success secrets behind PTEPLUS Online Practice
World's leading official-aligned machine-scored PTE practice platform - recommended by 99% of students to maximise learning effectiveness and performance

Student case: Lucy - 2 unsuccessful exam attempts, both times due to Fluency.

Let's listen to Lucy's RA recording
PTEPLUS' machine score:


Scoring engine deeply aligned to Pearson official

Our proprietary Auto-machine grading (AMG) technology, developed in strict alignment to the PTE Academic official score guide, combines big data and artificial intelligence to provide PTE students and institutions around the world with a comprehensive and accurate measure of all PTE assessed question types.


Real-time personalised study pathways

Through application of big data technology and analytics, our Smart Learning System (SLS) digs deep into the learning potential and needs of students in real-time, to continually recommend a high-performance learning pathway and content tailored to each student, in order to maximise their efficiency and study effectiveness.

Through comprehensive evaluation, we've identified Lucy's issues to include flat intonation and little stress - she should further develop her skill of stress and de-stresss in both words and sentences; this will help add rhythm into her speech. In addition, there are errors in identifying suitable pausing areas, as well as many obvious long pauses, which result in low fluency scores. She should strengthen her ability to identify meaningful phrasing and appropriate breathing areas.

To efficiently improve, Lucy should master how to:

Teacher feedback

Guidance from live expert teachers

Post-machine comprehensive analysis, you can also request for teacher feedback anytime, anywhere - pinpointing and coaching your every improvement point in each question

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Buy PTE Practice Tests Online

Confidence is everything when the time comes to take your PTE Academic exam. The time that you have invested, the practice that you have put in and your sense of accomplishment and belief in your abilities all feed into this feeling that can prove to be a hugely positive factor come exam time. However, with the right training, the right methods and a carefully designed study plan, more work may be made of the process of learning English.

PTE Practice That Gets Results

Here at PTEPLUS, our PTE practice support is a game changer that students are quickly adopting and turning to in droves. The popularity of our platform comes as a result of its comprehensive, modern and intuitive design and approach to teaching PTE Academic in a manner that is tailored to the needs of each of our students.

We believe that when the time comes for your PTE exam, arriving equipped with experience and knowledge of what it is like to perform against the official exam machine is a huge advantage. As such, we combine the best of human and machine guidance and craft our learning methods around your individualised path to improvement and ultimate success. No matter what your ability level is, we can assist you in moving through the relevant learning systems one by one, while tracking your progress toward the goal you set.

How Our PTE Tests Can Help You Succeed

The PTE test is the ultimate means of accessing the education, employment or new life that you have set your sights on. However, while learning a language is one thing, the test factors in your competency levels with regards to not only speaking but listening, reading and also writing. As such, while some have an aptitude for all parts and others naturally excel in one area over another, it is crucial that you engage with a structured approach to learning that will afford you every chance of passing.

As such, when you find yourself getting so far with your studies and individual efforts, or if you are just starting out, then having PTE help that is supportive and designed to make the process of attaining the final grade score that you need much easier to complete.

At PTEPLUS, we encourage our students to set aside the necessary time to practice every day. You will find that tackling PTE is not simply about learning English, but more about strategically tackling the PTE testing machine. Dedicating time consistently to learning and practising with our proven techniques has helped thousands of students achieve their target score in the shortest possible time.

The ubiquity of the Internet and accessibility offered by smart devices means that your PTE practice does not have to happen at home, or in the library. Our platform has over 250 videos uploaded and with teacher feedback available anytime, anywhere, it becomes much easier to access detailed guidance on any aspect of the online course when it suits you.

PTE Help Tailored to Success

Here at PTEPLUS, we believe that time management and the ability to evaluate progress toward your goal is a crucial part of the preparation for your PTE test. As such, our students can access comprehensive score reports within 12 hours of taking their practice tests.

So, if you are thinking about your PTE test and want to buy a support system that can help you gain the confidence you will need come exam time then look no further than right here at PTEPLUS. Your tailored program to success is just a few clicks away.

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What students say


PTEPLUS is the best platform among everything I tried using. Many questions were repeated in the real exam. Sectional practise materials makes it very easy to focus on heavy marks questions. I practised 3 hrs per day and that was enough for me to get 70+ already. I would recommend PTEPLUS to everyone to getting your desired score. Aim high, work smart and achieve high!


The best part is the PTEPLUS scoring system as it shows me all my problems areas. As well as speaking practice in PTEPLUS, Speaking in PTE requires alot of practice, otherwise getting high scores will be difficult. I usually practise a set of Speaking questions everyday. For Listening,I practise alot of SST and WFD. Using Online Practice has steadily helped improve my scores! In short, PTEPLUS is an amazing online practice platform, I really like it.


I uesd several platforms to do practice, but the real exam questions in PTEPLUS come up the most in the exam! This exam I also met many questions that I practised in PTEPLUS, so it's really useful to practise all the questions in PTEPLUS at least once. I strongly recommend Online Practice, it really saves a lot of time and effort. Do more practice and you can contact their PTE advisors if you have any questions, they are very helpful.

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